ESpeak problem

keithint38 at keithint38 at
Tue Feb 13 10:27:58 EST 2007

Hello list,
I have posted on this many times,
but feel it is necessary to restate the spisific problem I'm having with
ESpeak under my AMD 64-bit system, with Gentoo Linux, SMP enabled kernel.
First: Speakup and ESpeak both compile quite nicely. However,
if I begin to quickly type text into say, a shell, irssi, or whatever...
that is, while using keyboared echo, interrupting ESpeak with another key
stroke, the synthesizer in this case "ESpeak" crashes!
I have managed to make ESpeak crash eaven when setting Speech-dispatcher
and Speechd-up to nice -20!
I thought that it was Speech-Dispatcher and Speechd-up, as the suspect
It apparently leads back to the ESpeak program, (whatever the exeacutable
is) that is called by speech-dispatcher and speechd-up, crashing.)
Because the prior two processes mentioned previously are still running. A
killall speechd-up killall speech-dispatcher speec

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