hacking attempts

Littlefield, tyler compgeek13 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 14:43:13 EST 2007

ohkay, here's my firehol script...

version 5
interface eth0 internet src not "$UNROUTABLE_IPS"
router fwd
server ftp accept
server ssh accept
#server telnet not src drop
server smtp accept
server http accept user apache
server pop3 accept
client all accept user "tyler root"
client ftp accept
client ssh accept
client telnet accept
client smtp accept
client pop3 accept
everything is getting dropped... any idea?
Also, I was wondering:
is there a way to do soemthing like client telnet src accept,
and then do client telnet drop?
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> I particularly like a firewall script called FireHOL.  By default it
> blocks everything and you just open what you want.  And the scripting
> language that builds the firewall rules is about the easiest to
> understand of anything I've ever seen.  It's available at
> http://firehol.sourceforge.net, and some distros also have packages
> prebuilt for it.  The homepage gives you lots of examples of usage for
> different configurations.
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