need help getting fedora 6 to boot with speech

Marcel Oats moats at
Thu Feb 8 21:28:39 EST 2007

No sorry, I just meant that I can boot off of the dvd without having 
to specify the serial port, so could perform the install, but had to 
manually edit the grub.conf file on the HD once installation had 
finished, so as the serial port was specified in the kernel boot 
line.  I suggest that the system looks for the Decext, but since the 
synth is old and tired, it is not picked up when the serial ports are probed.


At 02:00 p.m. 9/02/2007, you wrote:
>I don't quite understand. Can you say more? There is no grub.conf in the
>installation media, rather an isolinux.cfg. Is that what you mean? If
>so, how did you specify your serial port there?
>Marcel Oats writes:
> > Hi people, it might be worth reinforcing your comments about having
> > to specify the serial port.  I have a Dectalk multivoice (dectalk
> > external) and although speech starts when the dvd is booted with the
> > correct syntax, I had to go into grub.conf and manually add the
> > serial port on the command line, so as the system will start speaking
> > from the installation.
> >
> > Marcel
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