Problems with installing speakup with fedora 3 please help

Corey Knapp coreytk at
Wed Feb 7 20:53:13 EST 2007

Hi do the same steps apply for fedora 6?
Thanks in advance.

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Corey Knapp writes:
> Hi Listers,
> I am hoping that some one can help me with the following problems that 
> I am encountering while installing speakup.

OK. I'll try, but don't you mean you're installing Fedora?

> 1. I can get the doubletalk to speak but here a lot of weirdness while 
> starting the installation about drivers loading and I have to turn off 
> the doubletalk and turn it back on to finally here the beginning of the

No, that's not the way to skipp all the messages about drivers loading, and
various installation system functions launching. Learn to use Speakup. Have
you looked at the Speakup FAQ? Have you read our summary about using Speakup
in the SpeakupModified Fedora INstallation HOWTO?

More properly you should use the enter key on the numeric keypad to silence
Speakup. You won't miss the first installation screen. It'll be there ready
for you to review and respond to.

> When I am installing the OS I loose all speech around 87 percent I 
> have checked all of the cd's reburned them several times checked the 
> md5 signatures and everything is ok if someone could help me I would 
> appreciate

No, the disc checksums have nothing to do with Speakup. Apples and hammers,
totally not the same thing. Suggest you familiarize yourself with Speakup
better and then definitely do NOT turn the synth on and off all the time.

> I am installing it on a AMD xp 3000 with out any other operating system.

Good. You are smart to give Linux it's own machine. That will prove very
helpful as you start learning to use Linux.

> Thanks in advance.

You're welcome. hth.


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