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Ricky Enger renger at
Wed Feb 7 09:07:48 EST 2007

Hi Chris,
David has given you the link to Firevox, which is 
self-voicing.  However, lots of improvements have been made with Orca 
and Firefox 3, and it's actually quite usable now.  You can download 
the latest build of Firefox 3 from

Once you've done that, you'll need to add a couple of lines to your 
/.orca/ or /.orca/ to make 
things work as they should.

         import orca.Gecko
         orca.Gecko.controlCaretNavigation = True

This is definitely worth checking out!  There are still some bugs, 
but browsing is a far more pleasant experience than it was before.


At 07:31 AM 2/7/2007, you wrote:
>Hi lis,
>Does anyone know where I can get the accessible version of firefox from
>please? Either source or from the debbian repositories.
>Chris Norman.
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