Problems with installing speakup with fedora 3 please help

Corey Knapp coreytk at
Wed Feb 7 05:20:10 EST 2007

Hi Listers,
I am hoping that some one can help me with the following problems that I am
encountering while installing speakup.
1. I can get the doubletalk to speak but here a lot of weirdness while
starting the installation about drivers loading and I have to turn off the
doubletalk and turn it back on to finally here the beginning of the install.
When I am installing the OS I loose all speech around 87 percent I have
checked all of the cd's reburned them several times checked the md5
signatures and everything is ok if someone could help me I would appreciate
I am installing it on a AMD xp 3000 with out any other operating system.
Thanks in advance.

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