slightly o-t, looking for os help

Littlefield, tyler compgeek13 at
Tue Feb 6 21:55:44 EST 2007

Hello list,
I'm into building my own OS, just for fun, to see what breaks, and test my knowledge etc.
I've got two questions.
First, does someone have some code that I can use to write, or know of how to write the OS to the disk? I can make a normal boot loader, etc, but I'm not sure how to write this.
Last, is there a virtual machine that will simulate the os, so I dno't have to try to figure out how to build a reader into the os? I'm looking for something that is command-line driven if possible.
If not, just something that runs, and loads the OS, which will be command line driven, without all the nice window functions and etc, it could open in its own tty etc, just as long as it runs the os. <grins>
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