disk druid and partitions

jaffar jaffar at art-palette.net
Tue Feb 6 18:44:24 EST 2007

Hi friends.  I have just gotten fedora six and I am wanting to get it 
installed on my machine which will also concurrently run win xp.  I have 2 
hard disks on my machine, 1 300 gb in size and another 120 gb.  the volume 
labels on the 300 gb disk are labeled C, D, and E, while the volume labels 
on the 120 gb disk are labeled F, G and H respectively.  If i want to 
partition the F drive and do a clean install of fedora on it, then what does 
it correspond to in the linux linguo?  I have read and reread the red hat 
installation directions, but still can't figure it out.  All help on this 
will be greatly appreciated.  Cheers!
Please feel free to visit my website, www.art-palette.net 

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