question about mp3 files, and screen readers

Littlefield, tyler compgeek13 at
Mon Feb 5 22:29:50 EST 2007

Hello list,
I just moved my linux system into my bedrom, wooo! :)
Well, I'm using it as a stario a bit, because 98 and winamp, well, its not a nice picture...

Anyway, I've got a question.
Is there a program that will play mp3, and ogg files?
If not, is there a program that will play just ogg?
I can convert all my music to ogg if I have to.
I've got mpg321 at the moment, so even an ogg to mp3 converter would work, just as long as it does that. :)
Next, I heard something on another list about being able to hook up speakup to run as a software-based reader.
Any documentation on this?
I'd really appriciate the help; I'm trying to convert totally to linux (yay).
Tyler Littlefield
Unlimited horizons head coder.
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