Kirk's Sound Editor?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Feb 4 18:40:45 EST 2007

Yesterday I seemed to spend some hours doing google searches for sound editors. 
I saw some messages in this list a year or 2 ago which mentioned an editor 
which Kirk had made, posibly with a name of bsound or sound module.  He 
mentioned that it was in cvs.  Well, finally getting there, I found nothing 
near that.
Before I ask Kirk whether this editor would work for me, I will explain what 
exactly I am looking for.
For 1 thing I had recovered some mp3s from a drive which had been accidently 
deleted.  Some of these files have an mp3tag of the first song in a file, but 
once you arrow through, you eventually get to a second or 3rd song.  So I would 
sure like to devide these tracks.  Also, times where I rip a live News 
event--and need to edit out items either at beginning or end.
In reality, in an ideal World, here's what would be perfect.  An interface like 
tr player, where there are logical commands to get elapsed time, total time, 
and tag info.  What would be great would be while you are arrowing though the 
file, find out elapsed time--and do a block command to chop  and either get rid 
of  or save to another file.
I gather most of the editors, you are just looking at raw data--and not hearing 
audio you want to edit.
I downloaded sweep-and-snuggles, among others.
In the windows envirenment, there was mp3trim, where you could tell it to 
delete last 2 minutes of a file.
Can some1 please tell me what might be out there simple, which will work with 
FC6, Speakup, and a DecTalk USB.
Yes, I have wedit, but haven't yet really understood an ellavator concept in 
Thanks much in advance

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