Speakup on Alpha

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Feb 3 14:21:11 EST 2007

I once had an Alpha AS200 which ran headless with Speakup using the
dummy video driver. As memory serves I installed by booting from floppy
and then accessing the Internet for the remaining packages I needed. My
Alpha was always a Debian machine. I no longer have it, though.

In those days it was necessary to build and install my own kernes to get
Speakup. But, I was able to drive an internal Doubletalk on that box.
Very cool, actually.


Alex Snow writes:
> Hi,
> Going to be installing Debian on an Alpha pws500au at some point in the 
> near future, and hope to eventually get speakup up and running on it.  I 
> remember seeing a while back that someone had gotten this to work, but I 
> couldn't find if there was any special modifications that have to be 
> made to speakup itself.  Also, what would be the best way to do the 
> installer? I recall from prior experience that debian was a little 
> dificult to get an install going over serial console, I would specify 
> the console= option at boot and output on my atached terminal would stop 
> right before the installer would start.  I also want to get an i386 
> install of debian done to refresh my memory about the distro, what's the 
> best way to do this with speakup these days? I looked in the 
> installer-i386 directory for debian-testing and there doesn't seem to be 
> the access/ directory that used to exist with speakup bootfloppies on 
> it.  Is there somewhere else to look for a bootcd or floppies with 
> speakup on them?
> thanks.
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