FC6 success

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Feb 3 13:50:48 EST 2007

Contrats, Albert. It's heartening to read about your success.

Now that you have Fedora installed, you might want to add the Speakup
Modified to your yum repository. That way you'll be able to yum install
orca, lsr, the emerging accessible Firefox 3, and of course get the
latest and greatest Speakup enabled Fedora kernels. To add the
SpeakupModified to your yum repositories do the following as root:

rpm -iv http://speakupmodified.org/speakupmodified-release.rpm

You will need do this only once. After that, this repository will be
one of the repositories yum checks when you install and update.

To install orca and lsr you would do:

yum install orca lsr

And, to get the latest Firefox you would do a more elaborate
command--because Firefox is still alpha software--all on one line:

yum --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo=speakupmodified-development install



Albert E. Sten-Clanton writes:
> It's un-freaking-believable!  This morning, I finally installed FC6!  I used the DVD image, installing from the partition on my hard drive that I gave the mount point of /home.  I got to this point partly by mistakes, but I finally got to it.  (I'd tried hard drive installations before and had failed in various ways.)
> After rebooting, I found that I'd somehow missed Emacs and Lynx.  After doing some reading and some educated guessing, I used yum to get them both.  I might be missing other things I want; if so, I now at least think I can get them.
> I owe the GRML folks a great debt:  I couldn't have done this without GRML or something like it.  It was a couple of things about GRML (or maybe Debian as a whole, I don't know) and time-setting hassles with it, that prompted me to retry FC6.  Still, if I stick with Fedora, I'm sure the GRML CD will continue to be a great aid from time to time.  And if I return to a GRML hard drive installation, I now know I can set it up in the partition scheme I want.
> I of course wish I had found or been giving the solution to the mystery of the CD installation problems, but at least I finally seem to have circumvented it.  Having written about the blues here, I thought it only right to write about at least my initial success.
> Al
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