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Mon Dec 31 20:30:14 EST 2007

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You don't need to do anything with the dtpc card itself, in terms of
adjusting its operating speed. Note though that your dtpc card will be
useless under win 2k/xp/2k3/vista, unless there is a screen reader
version that still supports the doubletalk pc under those windows
versions. As far as I know, there isn't such a beast. I can tell you
for a fact that wineyes doesn't support the doubletalk pc as of win2k,
but from what I understand, you don't use wineyes.

As for speakup, you should have no problems whatsoever. Hth.


On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 06:55:38PM -0600, Glenn Ervin wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying to use a DoubleTalk PC on a computer.
> This computer had Windows mE on it, and it later got XP installed on it, so 
> I am sure the processor is at least 1GHZ, but I don't know the specs at this 
> time.
> * Question:
> Does anyone know if the speed of the DoubleTalk PC can be adjusted, or it 
> needs to?
> And a second question, if it needs a utility for this, does anyone know the 
> name of the file?
> Thanks.
> Glenn
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