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I don't mean to sound like a jerk. It's going to come across that way,
but I promise that's not how I mean what I'm about to say.

I have offered to assist a few times, but haven't really had any takers.
I am experienced in C programming. I don't have any real experience
writing Linux kernel code, but I am willing to learn if doing so would
help the Linux community. All I really need is someone to show me what I
need to know or to tell me where I can find the information. I also need
to know what it is that needs doing in the immediate future in Speakup
and who is working on what. I would be happy to do what I can to help.

* I sure hope that someone would get back to work on making a keyboard 
layout like JFW.
That is the one thing that really bugs me about Speakup.
I think it may make sense to some folks, but I think that the JFW layout is 
the most intuitive, and I don't care to switch back and fourth between 
keyboard layouts.  There was once a layout for JFW-style keystrokes, but I 
don't think it has been kept up.
I think more people would go for SpeakUp if that was available.  GW-Micro 
was wise to implement this in W.E.

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