Ubuntu Live CD and Sound

Alex Snow alex_snow at gmx.net
Sun Dec 30 09:37:04 EST 2007

You could always install gnome.slackbuild on a slackware 12 box.  I've 
been playing with this a bit lately but figured I'd wait until the 
2.20.2 release officially got released since I had some trouble with 
the svn version.  SHould be out any day now if it isn't already.
On Sun, 
Dec 30, 2007 at 02:15:09AM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
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> I'm still test driving Orca now with the Ubuntu live CD.  Not sure how
> I wanna procede for installing yet.  I like the Slackware environment
> but I realize that installing gnome will be a biggy (Dropline sounds
> fairly easy) but then again Debian interests me too but then I have to
> wipe my environment to bring up a new distro so I will have to make up
> my mind as to how to go on that one.  In the mean time, the live CD is
> giving me some good feelings for Orca so far.  I need to learn a lot
> more before I diave in and install the thing completely.
> For one thing, I got stuck in the menu bar a few times and couldn't
> get out; even ctrl-alt-D wouldn't bring up the desktop.  About the
> only thing I could do after that was ctrl-alt-backspace to log me out
> and restart; the CD auto logs me back in.  But I used the file manager
> and got into some text files with gedit and that felt pretty good.
> The editor seemed quite accessible from what I've seen so far.
> On Sat, Dec 29, 2007 at 04:15:45AM -0600, Kenny Hitt wrote:
> > Hi.  Don't think you can during the install.  Once you install Ubuntu, you can blacklist the module
> > for the on board card.  I like having both.  I have things set up here so my
> > software synths use the on board card and everything else uses the sblive.
> > 
> >           Kenny
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