Speakup's future

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I'd be happy to contribute some $$ if it means that the development of
Speakup kept pace with that of kernel releases, etc.  The main question
though for me at least is whether the current stake holders will be willing
to devote sufficient time to the ongoing development given the/any monetary

As for the lack of coders... yup it's always een a problem!


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I think what is happening here is that there are plenty of users and not 
enough coders.
If more people were working on speakup than Kirk and a few friends then it 
would develop faster.
Unfortunately 100 or 200 users asking what the deal is won't cause any 
People are usually motivated by money or desire or whatever; so perhaps 
getting more programmers to work on speakup by taking donations from users 
would help the cause.
The kernel folks aren't that interested in speakup; they have other 
priorities and there just aren't programmers working on the code to keep 
pace with the kernels.

Keep in mind that all comercial screen readers develop faster because they 
have paid programmers.

nvda thunder gnopernicus and the like are all developing slowly due to a 
lack of fulltime paid programming tallent.

Perhaps with this new wave of ultra-mobile pcs such as the Asus eeepc and 
the like; more people will work on speakup in order that we may have access 
to this platform.

Sadly; free software is used by a lot of people but only developed by a few.

Regards, Kerry.

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> Hello all,
> What is the future of speakup? Kirk? Anyone? Is the git
> repository going to sit there and collect dust? I need speakup
> since yasr just sucks and I don't trust gnome-terminal to
> everything. Speakup 3.0 with was a no-go for me with
> "no such device" errors when modprobing speakup_dectlk.
> So, what's going to happen to our beloved Speakup?
> Garrett
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