Ubuntu Live CD and Sound

Alex Snow alex_snow at gmx.net
Fri Dec 28 10:24:50 EST 2007

That's odd, I've booted the livecd in a machine with a SBLive and it 
worked fine...is it possible you have another soundcard (possibly 
onboard sound) that the cd is using by default?
On Fri, Dec 28, 2007 at 
01:58:43AM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
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> I just downloaded the latest desktop version (7.10) of Ubuntu and am
> trying to boot with it.  It appears to boot up and visually the
> desktop appears but I never get any startup sounds and I can't verify
> if Orca is starting or not.  Is it possible that some sound cards
> don't work with this live CD? I have an SB Live card and it works
> great with my normal kernel along with speech dispatcher and
> ALSA.  I just can't get the Ubuntu live CD to utter a peep!  I wonder
> if I can ssh into it from another machine in this state.  Is there any
> way I can figure this out? If not, I'll have to abbandon Ubuntu live CD.
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