sending email with debian

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Thu Dec 27 13:18:09 EST 2007

set up exim4;
apt-get install exim4
tell it you have a smarthost, set the smarthost to your upstream isp mail 
Most boxes drop mail from ip addresses that are considered 
residential/adsl/cable/dialup so best to relay through a smarthost.
There are also paid services for this if you can't get your isp's mail 
server to accept your mail.
dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config
will re-ask you _all_ the questions rather than the usual ones you get when 
your priority is set to high.
dpkg-reconfigure debconf
will allow you to change interface to readline, (easier to use in my 
and set priority to medium.
Regards, Kerry.

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> Hi
> I can now receive e-mail using fetchmail and mutt.
> Wondering now about sending mail?
> I collect mail using smtp.
> Wonder what are the most simple options for a beginner?
> I have more than one email address and fetchmail is collecting mail from
> them.
> Would like to be able to filter mail later but would like to get the 
> sending
> sorted out first.
> Thanks all for your patience.
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