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Ralph W. Reid rreid at sunset.net
Tue Dec 25 11:20:42 EST 2007


To read the next screen of a message body in mutt, press the space bar
instead of the enter key.  The enter key will advance only one line at
a time through the message.  Using the screen review keys (the keys on
the number pad) will let you use Speakup to look around the screen
(read lines or parts of lines, word by word, character, etc).  I am
not sure what the percent you are hearing is, but it might be the
percent of the current message you have read (or how far you are
through the current message).  If you press the number 4 on the number
pad when a screen is done being read, you will read the 'word' to the
left of the cursor position--if this gives you a percent, then you are
reading the percent of the message you have read according to mutt.
If you advance through a long message one line at a time by pressing
the enter key, the displayed percent may not change very rapidly.

HTH a little bit anyway, and have a great day.

On Mon, Dec 24, 2007 at 05:49:36PM -0000, lists at barrettpianos.co.uk wrote:
> Just received my first couple of e-mails with mutt.
> Wonder if there are any options to put in the .muttrc for best 
> performance with speakup?
> Having a bit of an issue with the headers.
> I found by googling that using the lines
> ignore *
> Should hide the header information
> unignore From: Date: Cc: To:
> Should allow those headers to be displayed.
> That seems to work but now I find that the enter and backspace are 
> not reading all of the body.
> Instead, I get the message "top of message is shown and "bottom 
> of message is shown".
> Is this a mutt or speakup issue?
> Also, before I added the lines to .muttrc reading the message, at 
> the end of some of the lines there were percent figures, not sure 
> what these are?
> Thought they may have been how far through the message but 
> never got higher at the end?
> Thanks

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