Georgina Joyce gena at
Thu Dec 20 16:20:29 EST 2007

The screen should not matter to a Blind user, as I keep mine straight up. I think the best bet for using Linux on it is to try to get the complete 
Gnome desktop installed into Xandros, then you will have Orca. If my XP crack doesn't work, I will not buy XP, I will go Linux. Glenn

Gena replies:

OK, I frequently use a laptop on my lap with the screen tilted at 45 degree but you can't do that with the Asus.  I don't think adding gnome to the system is going to help.  I've installed Ubuntu and some of the development stuff I  require and I'm up to 80% of my 4 gigabyte.  So I don't think that adding gnome to a system with KDE is practical.  When the hard disk space is restricted to only 4 gigabyte.  Furthermore, the partitioning system Asus have used restricts the distribution of the operating system.  As they use 4 partitions.




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