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The way I wiped my drive was to boot to my external floppy disk into DOS, 
and I ran fDisk.

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Just curious how did you format the drive and install ubuntu if there is no
CD-rom or floppy in the unit?
Did you boot from a USB drive or something?

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> Someone wrote:
> or has anyone installed ubuntu with orca or speakup?
> I reply:
> Hi
> Yes I got one, it's great little unit but it's a difficult beast.
> It's easy to install Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy on it and get it talking.  However
> it has 2 problems:
> I can't get Madwifi working.  Thus wireless doesn't work.
> It won't shutdown properly which is annoying but not very difficult to
> stop.  From memory it's a matter of passing a power management parameter
> to the kernel at boot time.
> My biggest problem with it is that it is unbalanced.  Thus if the screen
> is tilted back in typical laptop position, it tips up.  i.e.  The keyboard
> is lifted off the deck.  The screen is heavier.
> The preinstalled stuff is KDE and very tightly tied up.  The manual states
> that you can't remove any of the preinstalled software and their right.
> Unless you wipe the disk.
> Oh and that's another thing.  I haven't found a complete version of the
> manual yet either.
> Gena
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