Accessing PC BIOS

John Heim jheim at
Wed Dec 19 16:44:58 EST 2007

Good news of a sort... I may have been wrong about the PC Weasel being out
of production. At least their web site is sstill up.

IIRC, I paid $350 for my PC Weasel card. I feel I've gotten my money's worth
out of it because not only does it allow me to administer a BIOS on some
machines (not all) but it is very useful when making bootable CDs. I do a
lot of that. I work for the Math Department at the University of Wisconsin
and we have an automatic linux installation system. You just boot from a CD
and it runs the install. At one time we were doing the same thing with
Windows. I would not have wanted to get someone over to look at the screen
every time my boot CD failed when i was first setting up these systems. That
would be a bother but even worse is that it's hard to find someone who knows
what to look for in a screen full of boot messages.

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> If the schematic for the pc weasel card ever gets available, I know a few
> people who could make those and put them back out on the market.

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