program to change bios settings with software speech

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Thu Dec 13 13:26:00 EST 2007

I don't believe the PC Weasel card is in production any longer. However, I 
just put together a new machine with an ASUS M2A-VM  motherboard and  I was 
able to get into the bios setup program with my PC Weasel card.

Until now, the PC Weasel hasn't worked with the bios setup programs in any 
of the computers I've owned for years. I wasn't even going to bother to try 
it but I figured what the heck. I was really surprised when it worked. All I 
can figure out is that maybe the bios setup program is smart enough to know 
that the VGA card can't go into graphics mode.  Or maybe the bios setup 
program is a character based program. I don't know why bios setup programs 
have to try to put the display into graphics mode anyway.  That's just dumb.

Anyway, the bios setup program on an Asus  M2A-VM   motherboard will work 
with a PC Weasel. Just thought I'd throw this tidbit out there for anyone 
who might be helped by it. Maybe if you really need to configure your own 
bios, you can buy a PC Weasel card off ebay and get this mobo.

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> No; there are so many different bioses and each bios interprets cmos 
> values
> in a different way.
> You can save and restore the cmos under Linux but changing it isn't easy.
> you can do it with a pc-wiesel card and a serial link or on a server bios
> you can do it over a serial port on some models;
> otherwise get a friendly sighted person to help; that's what we all 
> usually
> do.
> There has been some push to make an open bios for the pc; however it is 
> not
> necessarily in the manifacturer's interest to put too much time into this.
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>> Is there a program that will allow you to change bios settings using
>> software speech?
>> Thanks.
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