Fedora 8 howto

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Wed Dec 12 01:57:29 EST 2007

Another download method for Linux I find simple and reliable is to do:
wget -b http://speakup.modified.org/current/Fedora... keeps computer 
available for other things and a command like:
wc -l wget-log will yield ascending numbers until the download finishes. 
Very easy way to check on progress.  The other advantage to wget is it 
gets a good copy of the file or it doesn't get a file.  That eliminates at 
least one of the sha1sum checks.  For windows, sha1sum utilities exist 
that can take an sah1sum of a file.
Those can be found out on versiontracker.com easily enough.

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