Zssh Anyone?

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Mon Dec 10 22:08:07 EST 2007

Sounds as if the wrapper has not been updated to take advantage of devfs and 
how devfs names pseudo terminals.
Your ssh is probably using the right naming but zssh is not.
Why would you want to do zmodem transfers over an ssh connection? Wouldn't 
scp/sftp be more efficient?
TCP is allready end-to-end reliable; you shouldn't need to encapsulate data 
in zmodem packets unnecessarily?

you can turn off the escape character for ssh with -e none (check the 
manpage) then ssh becomes 8-bit-clean and should work with 

Regards, Kerry.

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> Does anyone around here use zssh? it is a 'wrapper' to use ssh so
> zmodem file transfers can be done from within an existing ssh
> session.  I'm trying to run it on my Slackware 12 system with
> kernel but I keep getting an error saying, "Out of ptys"; it
> apparently can't set up a pty/anything to set up a session.  Normal
> ssh sessions work all the time from this machine so I'm at a loss to
> know what is going wrong here.
> Anyone have any ideas?
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