Gcc nasm and debugging - how much is possible?

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Sat Dec 8 05:52:12 EST 2007

You can debug nasm with gdb as far as I know.
gdp supports single step in c and asm.
I once did 8086 assembler, used to use debug as in the old dos command; 
never got up to speed on the 32-bit stuff.
Regards, Kerry.

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Subject: Gcc nasm and debugging - how much is possible?

> Hi
> I wondered if anyone had experience in 8086 assembly and had used gcc as a 
> c wrapper around assembly using nasm or other linux solutions?  Is there a 
> debugging routine that is accessible?
> Any help would be appreciated here as it is assumed that it's not possible 
> for me to debug and check my code.
> Thanks.
> Gena
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