starting ttsynth on boot

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Dec 6 10:46:16 EST 2007

Congrats on getting the install finished.

Putting the speakup_synth=sftsyn in grub.conf loads the Speakup software
speech support module, but doesn't start the Speakup Connector. If you
want that starting automatically, you probably need to reference it in
your /etc/rc.local.

Please note that you may not want to do that for reasons of preserving
access to audio for ordinary user accounts. It's maddening, but the
audio environment continues suboptimal, imho, on Fedora in terms of who
has access to the aduio device. Here's what I do in order to allow
'janina' to access audio while Speakup Connector also runs:

1.)	Login on one console as janina.
2.)	Start playing some longish audio file as janina in that console.
3.)	Open another console and start the Speakup Connector.

Thereafter, I have both speech via Speakup plus access to audio for
mplayer, ecasound, etc., etc.


PS: To be able to open that second console and start the Connector as
'janina,'  I have 'chown janina /dev/softsynth' in my rc.local.

Don Raikes writes:
> Hello,
> I got the speakupified version of warewolf installed this morning, and installed ttsynth and spk-connector on the system.
> I followed the manual steps for getting speakup to start and it works just fine.
> I added the sftsyn to the end of my kernel line in grub.conf, but speakup does not start on boot. Ihave to manually start it.
> Is there something else I need to do since I a m using a software synthesizer?
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