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Thu Aug 30 20:09:39 EDT 2007

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Hi Chuck and all.

The line you gave is different than what i have in my
/etc/festival.scm. My line reads:

(set! server_access_list '(localhost localhost\.localdomain))

When I was setting up my festival, I relied on /etc/init.d/festival,
which states:

# NOTE: Not just anybody can connect to your server; the list of
# hostnames is a regexp. Check /usr/share/festival/festival.scm for
# helpful comments; add your settings to /etc/festival.scm.

and on /usr/share/doc/festival/README.Debian, which states:

Set the 'server_access_list' variable to the host names you want to
   access to the server.

 Note that this variable holds a regular expression which is matched
 whatever the client's IP address resolves to (or the address itself,
 address-to-name resolution fails). For local connections, that is the
 name in the '' line of /etc/hosts; it may or may not be

 Set 'server_access_list' to NIL if you want to control access by
 other means
 (e.g., if your firewall filters incoming access to TCP port 1314, or
 you've set the 'server_port' variable to):

 (set! 'server_access_list nil)

I remember that when I was doing it, it took 2-3 edits of
/etc/festival.scm and trial and error, before I got it working. So,
I'd suggest trying the following in your /etc/festival.scm:

(set! server_access_list '(127\.0\.0\.1 cq cq\.ftml\.net))

I haven't run festival for a good while now, in favor of espeak, but
I've just started up my festival service, to see if my setup still
works, and it does; I was able to telnet to 1314, and make
festival say some text. Hth.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 06:30:33PM -0400, Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> I've done some more narrowing down of the problem, and it turns out the
> problem lies in this statement:
> (defvar server_access_list '("" "cq" "")
> If I comment that statement out, the problem goes away, but without an
> access list I cannect connect to the festival server. The parens are
> not balanced, and there is a single quote without a match, but that's
> the way the docs indicate it should be coded. I can't find any other
> examples anywhere, and am curious to know if anyone here is running
> festival and how they might have coded their access list.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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