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Georgina Joyce gena-j at
Wed Aug 29 12:37:57 EDT 2007


I wondered if someone could suggest the workable configuration for speech-dispatcher with espeak?  I got a bit lost in the archives in finding what I need to do to get them working together.  Here's what I've done:

I followed a CD remastering HOWTO from the LFS community.  Which enabled me to mount the iso file and modify it as I wished.  I replaced the 2.6.22 kernel with a kernel that had been patched with speakup.  I installed port-audio, espeak, speechd-up, speech-dispatcher and other bits and bobs.  I built a initramfs file including the speakup modules and kernel alsa drivers and reconstructed the iso image.
I was surprised that it boots but here's my problems:

I put a script in /etc/rc.d/init.d/software_speakup which isn't being read at boot.  I'll check this with the lfs-livecd list.  But in this script I call, speech-dispatcher, echo sftsyn to speakup's proc entries, then call speechd-up.  I then play a cw "can" through the PC speaker, so I know if the script has been run.

With sighted support I found that:

All alsa controls were muted.  So my script may have been run.

The espeak command worked as expected when text was typed on the console.

The speed-say -t male1 command complained and I was confused about these settings.

The speech-dispatcher package was checked out of it's cvs repository and espeak is the 1.28 tar against the port-audio18.

So what file do I need to edit for speech-dispatcher, my software_speakup script or the /etc/speech-dispatcher/speech-dispatcher.conf?  What params would be a good starting point?  Volume, rate etc?

Any help would be most appreciated.  If I succeed I'll make the iso available to the community as it makes a useful disk to have about.



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