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The sed utility has an option to edit a file "in place" so you don't
need the temp file. I think it is -i to do that.

On Tue, Aug 28, 2007 at 09:00:03PM +0100, Gaijin wrote:

> Chris Norman <chris,norman4&ntlworld,com> wrote:
> > I am writing a bash script. Part of the script involves deleting one
> > line of a file, which will be located anywhere in the file.
> cat <file> | grep -i "<text>" >temp-file>
> mv <temp-file> <file>
>     The above does an inverse grep, displaying everything BUT the line 
> of text you specify, and redirects the output to a temp file.  Then it 
> moves the newly created temp file onto the original file, overwriting 
> the original.  The sed equivalent would probably be:
> cat <file> | sed 's/<text to delete>//' > <output-file>
>     If you want to remove more than one line with matching text, add 
> the 'global' modifier to it:
> cat <file> | sed 's/<text to delete>//g' > <output-file>
>     Boning up on 'Regular Expressions' will help in this regard.  HTH,
>         Michael

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