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Arthur Pirika arfy at andrelouis.com
Tue Aug 28 14:27:13 EDT 2007

Hi, Speaking of speech-dispatcher, I now have it working under orca and 
ubuntu, thanks to the recent discussion on the speechd list. Thanks, Tomas! 
Now on a different note, does someone have a specific bug number for the 
gentoo bug regarding dropping speakup? Also, is this a permanent drop or 
will it be brought back once compatibility with later kernels is restored?

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> Janina Sajka wrote:
>> You can use TTSynth with Orca in the graphical Linux desktop, however
>> there is currently an unresolved driver issue that requires you to kill
>> speech in the console in order to have speech in the graphical desktop.
> Hello, you can also use TTSynth with Speech Dispatcher to avoid the
> conflict between the GUI and speakup.
> See also:
>  http://live.gnome.org/Orca/SpeechDispatcher
>  http://www.freebsoft.org/speechd-up
> Best regards, Tomas
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