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Mon Aug 27 02:41:51 EDT 2007

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Thanks Michael. It was helpful to have the recipe put into plain
English, and to have someone who is familiar with procmail tell me
that the recipe actually does what I thought it does.

Anyway, right about the time I got your message, I had realized that
when maildrop calls an external program to process the message, it
will exit with the exit code the external program exited with. Thus,
supposedly, all I had to do is to set the EXITCODE variable to 0
before delivering to /dev/null in my if statement, and all should be fine.

To make a long story short, that didn't work either, maildrop was
still exiting with an error, causing the mta to requeue the message for
later delivery. I think that it might have worked, if I was using the
maildrop package, but sqwebmail depends on courier-maildrop, which is
a more stripped down version of maildrop from what I understand, so
that was that.

I did get the problem solved though, it seems. I just ended up with a
one-line filter rule in my $HOME/.mailfilter, which reads:

xfilter "/usr/bin/askfilter --procmail || exit 0"

, and which solves the problem, (I.E. ask still exits 0 no matter
what, I still get the mail I'm supposed to get in my inbox, and ask
still processes confirmations and so forth, and nothing gets requeued
for delivery). Not as elegant as it could be, but hey, it still does
the job, and that's all I really care about. Thanks.


On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 03:46:26AM +0100, Gaijin wrote:
>     It sounds like the above "recipe" is set to wait for to finish,
> be treated as a filter, andconsider any non-zero error code as a failure
> The lowercase 'f' says that the "recipe" is to be a filtering program, and
> to wait for it to finish.  The uppercase 'W' says to watch for a non-zero
> error code, and to suppress any error output  I'm assuming that spam-
> killer, if it finds spam, exits with a non-zero error  code.  If that
> happens, then the lines below should be executed and  redirect the  mail to
> /dev/null.
>     I believe that the above "recipe" only executes if the previous "recipe"
> was skipped.  Why it was skipped doesn't matter, like an if/else function
> call.  I guess the lowercase 'e' could be considered an 'else' statement.
> Anyway, that seems to be what procmail is doing.  I don't know how you'd
> write something in the mail processing program you're using.  HTH,
>         Michael

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