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Hi all.

Is anyone here using ask with maildrop? My setup works sort of, but
not fully. What I mean is that in my $HOME/.mailfilter, I have:

xfilter "/usr/bin/askfilter --procmail"

, and this works as long as the message hits a whitelist match, and
the mail is delivered. If however, ask has to send out a confirmation,
or anything of that nature, it does so, but maildrop says that it
can't deliver the message, (because ask didn't return a success
code), and places the mail back in the queue for a retry attempt. This
of course won't work, because whenever the mta attempts delivery, it
will run into the same problem.

I've done some web searching for a sample maildrop rule which invokes
ask, but no luck. I have tried modifying my $HOME/.mailfilter rule to

xfilter "/usr/bin/askfilter --procmail"
if ($RETURNCODE != 0)
to /dev/null

, but that produces the same results as the original line above.

The author of ask has the following procmail recipe in his

:0 fW
|/path_to_ask/ --procmail --loglevel=5
- --logfile=/your_home/ask.log

:0 e

However, I don't use procmail, so I don't know how you'd translate
this into a maildrop rule. From what I understand, the basic idea is
that if ask returns an error code, we want maildrop in this case to
deliver to /dev/null. On the other hand, if ask runs into an internal
error, we don't want the delivery to be successful. Can someone please
help here? Thanks in advance.


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