slackware can't install

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Fri Aug 24 16:51:47 EDT 2007

Because the speakup.i kernel was removed.  It used to be there at one 
time.  I think a determination was made that the speakup.s kernel would 
work for ide disks too and that freed up some space on the CD for other 
software. One note that should maybe be added to the speakup documentation 
for slackware is about swap partitions needing to be twice the ram size 
that's on a computer.  With slackware, it's possible to create a swap 
partition first then create the remaining partitions after that.  A note 
about shadowconfig on might help some, and a note about slapt-get could go 
a little way towards helping new users keep up with new updates.  None of 
this stuff is mentioned by Patrick in the welcome message.  The hosts.deny 
and hosts.allow files would be another good topic to cover even if all 
that's done is to suggest new installers read their man pages.

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