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Fri Aug 24 16:04:39 EDT 2007

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On Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 07:39:40PM +0100, Gaijin wrote:
>     Sorry about that.  Can't see it. <laughs>  As it is, I'm using NVDA 
> with Thunderbird, and they don't work well together.  I have to save 
> the email to a text file, quote everything manually, editting it with 
> notepad, and send the text file as an attachment.  I can't even 
> do an actual reply, as I can't read the stewpid HTML pass-through 
> buffer to see what I've written, deleted, etc., so have to post 
> everything as new messages.  Word wrap *is* on in notepad, anyway.  
> I'll try ending every line with a carriage return though.  Thanks for 
> the heads-up on it.  

Why not bite the bullet, and switch to gnu/linux for mail, and maybe
even web browsing?

>     Best thing about ranting is someone else always points out what 
> you're doing wrong, too.  At least 99% of the time, anyway. <laughs>  
> Yanno if this doesn't work, I'm gonna have to edit things from Linux, 
> right? <grins>  Lemme know how this one looks, because it's hard to 
> tell how many characters notepad is using per line.

Looks good now from here at least. Thanks. One more thing that could
be said for ranting from past experience, is that not everyone is a
good sport about it, like you are now for example. You don't always
know if your rant will be considered, or if it will produce a public
or private flame aimed at you specifically.


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