slackware can't install

cody churst35 at
Sat Aug 25 07:36:51 EDT 2007

I'm not doing fedora, but yes I do have a braillenote and trying to get it 
working with lfs and it is not working with the live cd. i am running the 

linux brltty=bn,ttyS0

and it will no proced I get no output on the braillenote.

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> If you have a braillenote, then you can install Fedora using braille
> (can't speak for speakup), using a braillified installer from
> I won't even try to remember the commands because I'll probably get 'em
> wrong, but they're not that hard to find. You can go through the hole
> thing, then what I'd do after the install has completed, before you
> reboot, is turn off firstboot, if you get the installation guide from
> the speakup site and search within it for "chkconfig", then reboot. Log
> in to a console as root (there will be no speech or braille), and
> install brailletty either from source (by putting it on to a memory
> stick or FTP) then you have braille to install anything else.
> HTH.
> On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 23:31 -0700, cody wrote:
>> Hi all.
>>   I'm not having too much luck with this braillenote or this double talk. 
>> I read the speakup installation guide and did exactly to the word what it 
>> said. so I stuck the slackware cd inand booted and when it stopped I 
>> typed
>> speakup.i speakup_synth=ltlk
>> and pressed enter and got no speech. I downloaded and burned the 
>> slackware 10.0 d1 iso image and burned it, is it that 10.0 doesn't have 
>> speakup included or does that have the 2.6.22 kernel which is broeken 
>> with speakup? People give me a clue here google has beenn nothing but a 
>> pain for research and can't find any answers. What I need is a list of 
>> distros that have brltty and speakup support and a list of boot commands. 
>> It's driving me absolutely crazy not being able to get anythigng to work 
>> and everyone else is working fine.
>> Cody
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