speakup reflecter purmantly moving to a different machine

Gene Collins collins at gene3.ait.iastate.edu
Thu Aug 23 03:08:51 EDT 2007

Hello everyone.  The Speakup speak freely reflecter is moving to a
different machine.  The address for the new reflecter is
gene2.ait.iastate.edu:4074.  The web page is at
gene2.ait.iastate.edu/speakup.html.  Just edit your speak freely script
and change the gene3 entries to gene2 and all should be well.

The reflecter was running on a vary old HP Vectra VA6, which was a 266
mhz PentIu. II. T he VA6 and I have come to a parting of the ways, since
it is being replaced by a Dell Optiplex 745, a 64 bit dual core machine.
 The reflecter will be running on aDell 610 work station, still an old
machine, but twice as fast as the vectra.  Have fun, I intend to!


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