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      Do you have a machine that I could get ssh access to?  If so, I can 
try to build an rpm for the Speakup kernel which you could install 
everywhere.  Also, an SRC RPM would be produced which would show you how I 
did it.

      Any questions, call or write.  Calling will usually get a quicker 
response.  076 6090579 within Eire.


Bill in Denver

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007, Darragh Ó Héiligh wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm going to be using SuSE every day now from September as part of a
> promotion within the company I'm working in.
> I remember a few years ago, I successfully recompiled the SuSE kernel
> to support speakup with a lot of trial and error.  Do any of you have
> any suggestions as to how I should go about it this time?
> I remember the problem the last time was related to a module check
> that Novell had installed into the kernel to check for untested
> modules so without that enabled speakup worked fine.
> I'm going to be installing SuSE onto my laptop on Sunday to start
> getting use to it again as I haven't used it in over a year so any
> suggestions you can provide would be most welcome.
> BTW, would any of you much more experienced people be willing to help
> by looking at making a generic kernel available for SuSE similar to
> that offered on the speakupModified site for Fedora?  This would be a
> fantastic development for me as I am probably going to have to patch a
> lot of machines with speakup in the next two months and that will
> probably take a long time considering I'm a relative newby when it
> comes to kernel recompilation.  I've delved into it a few times but
> aside from what I needed to know at the time I'm not as experienced as
> most people.
> Thanks
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