Speakup on a Dell Enspiron 2600

Kenny Hitt kenny at hittsjunk.net
Sat Aug 18 03:11:33 EDT 2007


The Ubuntu live cd boots into gnome.  Although speakup is in the Feisty kernel, I doubt you can get speakup working with software speech.
256 meg will make the live cd run really slow in Gnome with Orca.

On Fri, Aug 17, 2007 at 10:02:36PM -0500, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I am going to enherit a Dell Enspiron 2600 laptop which
> is about 5 years old, has no serial ports built in and 256 megs
> of RAM. Should I be able to get a talking boot from a Ubanto
> live CD? Do I have to use gnome?
> 	This is quite a bit different from my other Linux
> installations at home and at work. There, I have used serial
> ports to install Debian and fed those serial ports in to A P.C.
> still running DOS, a screen reader I wrote in assembler and an
> Echo Speech synthesizer, being terminally cheap by my own
> admission.
> 	In order to get the benefit of a laptop, I don't want to
> need to drag and power lots of external stuff so this is a good
> time to modernize things.
> 	I would think that the sooner the installation CD starts
> talking, the less problems there will be in getting started. Not
> having a serial port built in is a real pain since that is one
> good way to begin an installation independently as you all are
> painfully aware.
> 	I have nothing against gnome or learning something new,
> but this laptop presently only has 256 megs of RAM and that
> might be pushing things a bit.
> 	Thanks for any good suggestions or pointers to specific
> instructions on getting past the initial setup period.
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> OSU Information Technology Department Network Operations Group
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