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Fri Aug 17 07:49:30 EDT 2007

It has been a while since I patched the levelstar kernel, but I think I just had to add a few lines for the missing serial port defines that would be missing from an ARM kernel.

If you go into speakup-drvcommon.c, you can add the following lines:


#define SERIAL_PORT_DFNS                                                                 \
        { 0, BASE_BAUD, 0x3F8, 10, STD_COM_FLAGS }, /* ttyS0 */      \
        { 0, BASE_BAUD, 0x2F8, 10, STD_COM_FLAGS }, /* ttyS1 */      

I can't remember if this is the only change I had to make, but I think it was.  Of course, this won't work on the new Kernels, so you would have to use an older kernel to get it to work.


>>> doug at proficio.ca 08/17/07 05:12AM >>>
The manual for Levelstar Icon states "The console option lets 
you use the Linux command prompt and any Linux programs 
you have compiled for the unit. The console uses the Speakup
screen reader, and all of its commands are supported."


So they have it working, but I'm pretty sure you can't just 
grab the stock speakup and apply the patches to an ARM 
kernel and expect it to work without some modifications.

  -- Doug

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