Speakup & Ubuntu & PDAs

Doug Sutherland doug at proficio.ca
Fri Aug 17 00:00:10 EDT 2007


The problem that you run into with speakup on PDAs is that 
such devices do not have serial ports implemented on an ISA
bus like a PC. So even if you get linux installed there, on an 
ARM, X-Scale, NEC, Dragonball, or whatever processor, 
the code that initializes and writes to the serial ports will not 
work, will not even compile. 

Now maybe if you're doing software speech that doesn't 
matter, but it still does matter, because the speakup code is 
patches to the kernel, and when the kernel is not in the x86 
tree, then parts of speakup don't jive with the source. This 
doesn't mean it's not doable, but it does mean that at least 
some modifications would be required to make speakup
work on PDAs since they are not on the x86 platform. It 
may take some doing just to get the kernel to compile ...

  -- Doug

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