OT: Trouble installing Ubuntu on VmWare?

Mírian Bruckschen cleo.sl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 21:19:42 EDT 2007

Hello Gregory,

On 8/12/07, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> > In my notebook
> > everything went fine (even install), but I'm going to do the same in
> > not-so-good machines, and I don't know if I will be able to make it
> > (due to memory, in special: 256mb, while my notebook has 1gb). And two
> I'd be very surprised if that worked, since I seem to recall that the
> ubuntu livecd needs 256Mb minimum, not to mention ram to run your host
> os, in addition to virtualbox itself.

Just to give you some feedback on this matter: yes, it didn't work --
trying it with 128mb to the vm, 192mb or 256mb. In these two last
cases, "Windows could not allocate memory for this operation" (or some
message with this meaning), which was expected. Anyway, thanks for
preventing me.


Mírian Bruckschen

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