Configuring slackware for a wireless device.

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Well I did a quick google and found this:

Just put linux in the edit field then the device details then support.  A better way would be to issue at the command prompt:

$ lsusb

For USB devices and for PCI devices:

$ lspci

For modules that are loaded:

$ lsmod

Then ask google for the linux support for that chipset as the same brand and model number doesn't necessarily mean the same chipset and it is the chipset to which the driver needs to communicate.


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Hi all.
I recently installed a Linksys Wusb 11 E wireless card on my old dual boot
200 MHZ Pentium.  It has Slackware 11.0 kernel version and Windows
98.  I got the card working on the windows side, but how would I go about
configuring it for the Slackware side.  It is a Usb device, and I have a zip
drive which is also Usb running under slackware, but I don't know the first
step to getting Slackware to find it.
Where should I be looking in the man pages, or is there a utility in Linux
that I'm not familiar with?
Help would be appreciated, since the machine only has 140 MB of ram, so when
I run Windows on it, it's rather slow.

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