Configuring slackware for a wireless device.

Dan Murphy thedanmint551 at
Tue Aug 14 15:15:12 EDT 2007

Hi all.
I recently installed a Linksys Wusb 11 E wireless card on my old dual boot
200 MHZ Pentium.  It has Slackware 11.0 kernel version and Windows
98.  I got the card working on the windows side, but how would I go about
configuring it for the Slackware side.  It is a Usb device, and I have a zip
drive which is also Usb running under slackware, but I don't know the first
step to getting Slackware to find it.
Where should I be looking in the man pages, or is there a utility in Linux
that I'm not familiar with?
Help would be appreciated, since the machine only has 140 MB of ram, so when
I run Windows on it, it's rather slow.

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