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> Ok how would 256 mb ram go and a 1 ghz processor go? I will be compiling
> mostly an open source project for mp3 players called rockbox. I will
> also be compiling my own programs.

That would be perfectly fine for what you intend to do with the system.

> Just a question can you build win 32 apps on linux?

You can, though I'm not familiar with the tools you need to do it. I
know people who have done it though.

> Does nano do the indentation?

It can be configured to do it, yes.

> So could I get  linux and just install it and speakup would come with
> it?
> Or is there nothing like this out there?

Many of the distributions are available in a flavor which includes a
speakup patched kernel. Slackware, Debian, and Fedora are the three I'm
aware of. I personally use one called Gentoo which is a from source
distribution, and it takes some doing to get things up and running with
it because of the level of customization it offers. Probably for your
purposes you want one of the three I listed though. That or one of the
many distributions based on one of those three.

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