Trouble installing Ubuntu on VmWare?

Parham parham16 at
Sun Aug 12 12:52:45 EDT 2007

I remember hearing that when you get to that place, you should press alt+tab 
to change the focus to the installation window and then Orca will start 
talking again.
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> Hi,
>    I got the urge to try out Ubuntu with Orca and possibly Speakup as 
> well.  I downloaded the main desktop CD iso, booted the emulated PC from 
> it, and got speech working.
>    However, I have had trouble following the instructions for getting an 
> installation started.  I go to the Gnome Terminal as instructed on the 
> Orca page on installations of Ubuntu, sudo su to root, andquit Orca.
>    From this point, starting up Orca again doesn't seem to yield speech. 
> I type:
> orca --no-setup --disable main-window
> again as instructed.  I then get the message about Orca starting up and 
> switching to focus tracking mode.  However, this is all I get.  No speech 
> after at all.
>    I can type 'ubiquity' as instructed, but am not sure if it comes up at 
> all.
>    What I'm asking, then, is if anybody here could give me instructions on 
> how you got Ubuntu installed?
> Thanks,
> Zack.
> PS: After it's installed, how would I use Speakup with it in text-mode?
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