Intial findings from examining a Tripletalk PCI.

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      Try james at  I believe he designed the card in the first 
place.  Even if he didn't, he's bound to have the info.  I know that he 
was trying to write a Speakup driver for his USB devices.


Bill in Denver

On Sun, 12 Aug 2007, Luke Yelavich wrote:

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> Hey folks.
> For a while this weekend, I have had access to a Tripletalk PCi synthesizer, ad what I have found so far, I think may be a help in hopefully getting Linux
> access to this synth in the future.
> I was using Ubuntu Gutsy, with kernel 2.6.22, and a recent live CD image. When examining a list of PCI devices on the system, I found a TigerJet 3XX Modem/ISDN
> interface device, that was recognised as a communication controller. Further digging revealed that this device was picked up by the hisax kernel module, which
> in Ubuntu, has several other PCi devices compiled into the one module.
> When also examining the device manager in Windows, I noticed that the TripleTalk PCi description had TJ320 in its name. A quick google search later, and I
> discovered this was a number of a particular chipset made by TigerJet. The chip in question was actually used in Traverse Technologies NetJet ISDN cards.
> After reading some documentation from the kernel source, I was able to reload the module with setting the correct card tgpgkeys: no key data found for
> ype, type=20. There are 4 protocols
> that one can choose from, depending on the region of use for the chip. As of yet, I don't know which one works, as this is about as far as I got. The hisax
> module did indeed manage to find the card, and set things up for use.
> So, thats it so far. I haven't been able to look at the card physically to determine what chips are on it, but my feeling is this TJ320 chip is used to talk to
> the RC Systems chip, or an equivelant chip which produces the speech.
> I hope to obtain one of these cards in the near future, to continue my research further, as I feel the difficulty will now be working out how to actually talk
> to the card to get something useful from it. Any help, or information about what others have found would be much appreciated.
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