Intial findings from examining a Tripletalk PCI.

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Sun Aug 12 04:28:34 EDT 2007

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Hey folks.
For a while this weekend, I have had access to a Tripletalk PCi synthesizer, ad what I have found so far, I think may be a help in hopefully getting Linux 
access to this synth in the future.

I was using Ubuntu Gutsy, with kernel 2.6.22, and a recent live CD image. When examining a list of PCI devices on the system, I found a TigerJet 3XX Modem/ISDN 
interface device, that was recognised as a communication controller. Further digging revealed that this device was picked up by the hisax kernel module, which 
in Ubuntu, has several other PCi devices compiled into the one module.

When also examining the device manager in Windows, I noticed that the TripleTalk PCi description had TJ320 in its name. A quick google search later, and I 
discovered this was a number of a particular chipset made by TigerJet. The chip in question was actually used in Traverse Technologies NetJet ISDN cards.

After reading some documentation from the kernel source, I was able to reload the module with setting the correct card type, type=20. There are 4 protocols 
that one can choose from, depending on the region of use for the chip. As of yet, I don't know which one works, as this is about as far as I got. The hisax 
module did indeed manage to find the card, and set things up for use.

So, thats it so far. I haven't been able to look at the card physically to determine what chips are on it, but my feeling is this TJ320 chip is used to talk to 
the RC Systems chip, or an equivelant chip which produces the speech.

I hope to obtain one of these cards in the near future, to continue my research further, as I feel the difficulty will now be working out how to actually talk 
to the card to get something useful from it. Any help, or information about what others have found would be much appreciated.
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