debian 4.0 questions

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Fri Aug 10 19:16:16 EDT 2007

You shouldn't have gotten a GUI if you unselected the desktop applications. 
But, well, that's done. It's not so bad because it will make it way easier 
for you to try orca someday.

To disable it, you need to remove a symlink.

# rm /etc/rc2.d/S21gdm

Man, do I ever have that command memorized. I suspect debian puts that 
symlink in there to drive blind people crazy. Seriously, I'm not sure why 
that symlink is there. I would think if you say you want the desktop apps, 
then they'd set the default run level to 5 instead of loading gdm for run 
level 2.

You can start gdm any time by typing:

# /etc/init.d/gdm start

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> Hi all
> Just completed the install of the latest debian from Shane.
> So, I would now like to start doing some tasks.  Just wondering
> about e-mail perhaps with mutt?
> From google, I gather there are a few choices, can anyone suggest
> some reading on mail configuration for a beginner?
> Also, can I prevent gdm from starting when I boot?  Not sure that I
> want to remove it as I may want to try orca one day.
> I did not select desktop computer in the software install options but
> chose the last option, general system, I think but seems this has all
> the graphical stuff as well.
> Thanks and also thanks to John for his previous anser.
> Keith
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