running speakup and software synth

Cody Hurst churst35 at
Sat Aug 11 17:24:28 EDT 2007

after typing spd-say "hello world" I get

client:speech dispatcher failed to open connection refused.

I'll try those other steps and it should work. thanks
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> Hi.
> Do you get speech when you type
> spd-say "hello world"
> If so, then speech-dispatcher is working.  If not, edit 
> speech-dispatcher's config files until the spd-say command works.
> Once you have speech-dispatcher working, just
> sudo modprobe speakup_sftsyn
> Speakup will start talking.
> If you want speakup to load autimatically on boot, add the line
> speakup_sftsyn
> to /etc/modules.
> Be aware, you will have to press print screen everytime you boot and log 
> into Gnome since speakup will try to read
> your X console.  Since the print screen gets passed to Gnome, you will 
> have to cancel the dialog.
>          Kenny
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